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Qualify for Auto Loans with Defaulted Credit in Auburn

You may have defaulted on a few of your past payments, and while this does not make you a terrible person, it does put up a red flag when applying for loans. At S&S Best Auto Sales, we learned to look past the red flags and rate the person on other factors. If you are a decent person who made a mistake or two in the past, then we will be happy to help you Qualify for Auto Loans with Defaulted Credit in Auburn.

Getting Approved for Auto Loans with Defaulted Credit

You may have only defaulted once, or multiple times, the important thing to know is how each lending company will view you based on your past. With big banks, your chances of getting approved with a decent interest rate are almost non-existent. We work with all types of lenders, and we can tell you with confidence that it’s the smaller special finance companies you should be looking at.

However, even with this information, you may end up running around trying to get pre-approved and still end up with a deal you are not happy with. On top of that, remember that each time you try to Qualify for Auto Loans with Defaulted Credit in Auburn and a credit check is performed, that fragile credit score of yours is possibly taking another hit.

Advice for How to Qualify for Auto Loans in Auburn

The best advice we can give you from working in special financing for many years is: find a dealer that specializes in poor credit auto loans, has extensive experience working with special financing institutions and maintains complete transparency throughout the whole process. You can find that combination at S&S Best Auto Sales. No matter how bad your credit is doing, we can help you get approved for an auto loan that is fair and affordable.

The next large purchase that requires financing will have a significant impact on your credit score, especially if you have poor credit. A key point to remember is once your credit improves, we can help you refinance for a better deal, or finance another vehicle. So before you try to Qualify for Auto Loans with Defaulted Credit in Auburn, we advise giving our finance experts a few minutes of your time. To reach us, simply dial 877-605-5245. Once you are ready to get the lending process started, please collect the required paperwork and drive into our dealership, we can be found at 2712 Auburn Way N., Auburn, WA 98002.

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