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Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn


Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn

Try a Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn today; you will never regret it. Lexus vehicles have always been in a class of their own when it comes to luxury, style and performance. They have been always offered exceptional build quality, and thanks to this, they have always had a high resale value. They are also quite durable and dependable. Therefore, they offer great value for money.

Pre-Owned Lexus RX

One Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn that you will never go wrong with is the Lexus RX. The RX has been a top pick in the midsize luxury crossover SUV class for many years. Since it was first produced, it has been offered in the following trims: RX 300, RX 330, and RX 350. It offers a more refined and lavish interior than most other SUVs in its class, and it couples this with plenty of interior space. In addition, the RX comes with state-of-the-art infotainment systems that will be sure to impress you.

It also offers excellent ride quality; you will hardly feel the bumps on the road even when driving rough roads. You will also love its agility when making turns and maneuvers. However, one of the best things about the RX is its awesome power; its comes with a standard V6 engine that responds with a thrilling burst of power every time you gun it. For superior traction on all road types, you can opt to have the RX with an all-wheel drive system. The RX can carry five passengers, and it also offers a spacious cargo area behind the rear seats.

ES of the Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn

Another Pre-Owned Lexus for Sale in Auburn that has a lot to offer is the Lexus ES 350. The ES 350 is a brilliant midsize luxury sedan that prioritizes comfort and luxury. It boasts a sleek, elegant, dynamic and majestic exterior that exudes opulence and sophistication. However, it gets even better when you enter its cabin. The ES 350 offers a well-crafted, well-equipped and refined cabin that is quite a sight for sore eyes. Premium, soft-touch materials adorn all its surfaces, i.e. seats, steering wheel, shift knob, doors, dash, and center console. Real wood accents and metallic accents also add to the cabin’s overall appeal.

In addition, thanks to the sedans’ large size, it offers very spacious cabin that seats five passengers. The rear seats feel quite executive thanks to their extra-supportive design, super-comfortable material, copious leg room and an excellent view of the outside. Noise levels are also remarkably low in this car’s cabin. In addition, thanks to the car’s effective suspension system, ride comfort is preserved even when driving on rough roads. Under the hood, the ES 350 features a powerful V6 engine that will be sure to give some of the most exhilarating drives you will ever have.

To find out more about what the pre-owned Lexus vehicles at S&S Best Auto Sales LLC have to offer, come to our dealership at 2712 Auburn Way N, Auburn, WA 98002. You can also call us at 877-605-5245.

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